COVID-19 Data & Research

COVID-19 Data & Research


COVID Economics

A CEPR online journal. Editors decide yes or no in 48 hours without the possibility of reviewing & resubmit.
Not peer-reviewed.



Repository of papers on Covid-19 published by NBER.



Repository of papers on Covid-19 published by IZA.


COVID Papers Finder

Search engine to look the medical literature for papers on Covid-19 using different filters.


COVID-19 in the UK

Data updated by the UK government.

All resources on

Sources of Covid-19 data collected by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.


Our World in Data

Data on tests, cases, deaths, vaccines, hospitalizations, excess mortality, etc… It also offers country profiles summarising the actions taken by each particular country.

Google Mobility

Reports on how people’s movements around the world have changed because of Covid-19.


Johns Hopkins
University Data

Website from where you can download the COVID-19 worldwide data collected by the Johns Hopkins University.

Survey Wage

A survey about how workers’ conditions in the workplace have changed because of Covid-19.


Oxford Supertracker

Global directory on Covid-19 resources. The collection offers assistance to researchers and policy-makers in keeping track of a rapidly growing number of dataset, surveys and reports.

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